Pencil Answers.™

Who are you and what is Pencil Domains?

Pencil Domains is a project of Pencil Works LLC. We also started Pencil Website years, ago. allows you to rent domains on new TLDs which have been created with thehandshake project. It is an improved version of DNS built for the new internet.

What are handshake domains and how do I resolve them in my browser?

Handshake is DNS built on a blockchain. It is outside of ICANN. You can resolve handshake domains withNextDNSorother options. You can read more abouthandshake here.

What is an EPP-based registrar?

EPPis the standard protocol used for the provisioning and management of Internet domain names. It is used to manage most of the domains on the internet including all .com domains, .org domains, .io domains, etc... We are the first to rent Spain, Canarias, Andorra domains to use EPP to manage and sell domains on handshake TLDs.

Is the TLD secure?

The TLDs are secured on the handshake blockchain. We use advanced tools like Bob Wallet to secure domains.

We are a registrar - can we sell domains on handshake TLDs?

Yes! Please contact our Twitter.

I own a handshake TLD - can I sell domains on it with your system?

Yes. Follow the guidelines ofPencil Developerand Contact Twitter.

Is my info safe?

Yes. We only collect cookies for Google Analytics.

How do I manage the domains I have rented from

You can manage your domains at theRegistry Pencil EPP-based software. From this page you can update the namesevers for the domain, or get the transfer auth code for the domain (if you want to transfer the domain to another person).

What are your terms of service for users? What is the privacy policy users?

You can see read terms of service hereand privacy policy here.

What are your terms of service for Pencil Developer? What is the privacy policy Pencil Developer?

You can see read terms of service hereand privacy policy here.

I want to pay by credit card, is there an option?

Yes, PayPal is set it up, and HNS, it is also full decentralized, by the moment.

Can I get a refund on my account, credit card or HNS Wallet?

No. We do not accept refunds of any kind.

Can I use multi-factor authentication to add security to my account?

In fact, you must. Yes, there is an option to turn DUO or Google Auth on for your account by editing your account details.

I do not think GA or DUO worked because I was not asked for it when logging in.

If you enter the correct code from a computer, for convenience we store a cookie there so you do not have to enter the code each time you log in. If you would rather enter the code each time, simply make sure to log out of and the cookie will be deleted.

What happens if I lost DUO or Google Auth?

Go to Twitter Official account for support.

Please can you direct me to the instructions on transferring domains to another party or explain how I can do this?

No, by the moment we do not transfer domains to other registrars.

Can I push my domain to another user? What is the fee?

Yes - on the Domain details page, simply click on the button labeled Push and enter the email address of the person you want to push the domain to. They will have to create a account if they do not already have one. There is a fee of 50 HNS to push a domain.